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For general admission shows, it is best to call the Box Office in advance at 303-444-7328 to make sure we can accommodate your needs before you purchase tickets. For reserved seating shows, you can select the ADA-designated seats that best suit your individual needs. Please arrive 30 minutes before show time, and check in with the Box Office or Dairy house management staff.


Personal listening devices (ear buds) are available free of charge to audience members attending all performances at The Dairy. To check them out, the box office will hold your driver’s license or credit card, returning it to you when the listening device is turned in to The Dairy House Manager on duty at the end of the performance. These earbuds are tuned into an FM frequency that receive sound picked up from the transmissions of choir mics suspended above our stages. Currently, over-the-ear listening devices are unavailable but you are welcome to bring your own.

Note: Our Boedecker Theater is now equipped with a hearing loop.
What is a hearing loop and how does it work?  Hearing Loops allow people who wear hearing aids to directly receive the sound from a PA system in their own hearing aids, much like Wi-Fi for laptops. To hear better, you will no longer have to pick up a separate listening device.  Europe has thousands of hearing loops in churches, cathedrals and theaters.  US installations are becoming more common.
Do my hearing aids work in a loop? If you wear hearing instruments you will need to find out if they have this wireless receiver, called a T-coil or Telecoil, built in to benefit from the hearing loop in our theater. The T-coil program is accessed by pushing a button on your hearing aid. This T-coil setting has to be activated before use. Please consult your audiologist to ensure your t-coils are properly adjusted.
Hearing loops improve hearing aids
Digital hearing aids have significantly improved in the last decade, but they do not restore hearing to normal. Difficulties often remain when in challenging listening situations. Hearing loops help hearing aid users overcome this problem by broadcasting sound without background noise or reverberation.  Loop Information: www.hearingloop.org 


Free parking is available in the lot located on the west and north sides of The Dairy building. The parking lot entrance is on Walnut Street, between 26th Street and Folsom. Parking spaces for persons with disabilities are located at the northeast and southwest corners of the building in our Dairy parking lot. The two spaces at the northeast corner are closest to our main entrance and box office. The two spaces at the southwest corner of The Dairy are best for accessing the downstairs area of the building. At present, there is no elevator from the basement to the first floor. The Dairy building is wheelchair accessible. Overflow parking is available weekdays after 5 pm and on weekends at the 2505 Walnut Street.


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