Following the tragic events at our King Soopers, this is an open (Free) invitation for the Boulder community and anyone who’d like to join us in recognition and solidarity as we ‘see each other’ through.

After you Sign Up below, you will receive an email from the Dairy Arts Center with your e-ticket PDF attached. Contained in this PDF, you will find the Zoom link to join the Community Embrace Event. Your e-ticket will also be accessible from your account on the Dairy Arts Center website and a reminder email with the below instructions will be sent a second time before the event.

This week’s event is free to all and facilitated by Mari Brown. We will meet on Zoom, connect collectively, and then play The Interview Game in three settings you can select from:

1. All are welcome to partake in our community ‘group game’ (just sign up and join the Zoom.)


2. You are welcome to bring an ‘interview-partner’ — someone you want to spend a memorable hour connecting with — and play a one-on-one Interview Game in a private breakout room. (just sign up, and share the Zoom link you will receive with to your interview-partner)

3. You can also invite a Group of family members or friends and play a ‘group game’ in your private breakout room.

Note, to play with an interview-partner or with your group of family/friends, one of you will HOST the game. Hosts will access your Interview Game (we will guide you at the start of the event), and once you are in your private breakout room, your Host will share screen with the game open so all players see each other and the game as you flip through it and play. You can also record your interviews and keep a video memento. You will decide who in your party is best suited to Host (ideally someone more comfortable with computers:) We ask all Hosts to please sign up to the Zoom event at 6:45 so we can guide them and provide access to your game in time.

Please sign up via our ticketing link by clicking the BOOK NOW button bellow and join us on Wednesday, March 31, at 7pm.

Dates and times

This event finished on April 7, 2021.

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