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The Vessel
Oct 26-29
Music. Dancing. Fireworks. Childbirth. These are just a few things that vanished from the quaint fishing village of Soledad after a massive tidal wave crushed the local elementary school, washing forty-six children out to sea. Ten years later a young man named Leo (Lucas Quintana) drowns, only to reawaken three hours later. The local priest, played by Golden Globe and Emmy Award winner Martin Sheen, believes this may be a sign from God. But when Leo feels compelled to build a mysterious structure out of the old school's remains, he sets the town aflame with passions long forgotten. A story of romantic, familial and spiritual love, The Vessel (El navio) is in the end about those mysteries beyond our realm of understanding. Executive produced by the legendary Terrence Malick, it was shot in Puerto Rico in both full English and Spanish versions.
(Julio Quintana, 2016, USA, 1:26, PG-13)

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