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Theatre Made in Boulder Festival

Featured Production

January 18th through Februrary 10th
A New Play Shows The Way
by Ami Dayan, Tammy Meneghini and beyond
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Staged Reading/ One Night Productions

January 21st, 2:00pm
Afropuff Lederhosen - A Critically Comical Investigation of Race written by Vanessa Roberts (Staged Reading)

This work is staged as a satirical academic lecture which offers a sharp, humorous, and theoretically-grounded exploration of the interplay between personal experience and social expectations of racialized identity.
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January 24th, 7:00pm
Strange Grace written by Jane Shepard

A funny, powerful drama about a loner who may or may not have committed a rampage, and an older couple that must reach beyond their own trauma to help her.
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Januray 28th, 2:00pm
Mud Season written by Felice Locker (Staged Reading)

Jane makes a clean break and decamps to rural Colorado where she endures sliding mud and embarks on a magical journey in this homesteader comedy about how to stake out your own place when you’re disabled.
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January 31st, 7:00pm
Evening of Shorts

Terrember (Four Choose Two) written by Mike Eisenberg

The year: 1893. The place: Terrember, a quiet, upscale, well-managed insane asylum in upstate New York. These are the events of a single day inside the walls of the asylum.

Kosmic Joke: Killing Time written by Buck Ley

Time for life on Earth has run out. The last people on earth who want to be stranded together may need each other to reach the last spacecraft leaving Earth.

Bloodlines written by Ashley Rice

Bloodlines is about a mother who chooses to give her own life to save her unborn child and her daughter who thirty years later struggles with whether or not to have an abortion.
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February 4th, 12:00pm
Trans/Actions written by K. Woodzick and Ayla Sullivan (Staged Reading)

Trans/Actions is a docu-trans-ical that explores how to make the industry more inclusive of gender diversity through interviews, blog posts, online dating messages, poetry, song and dance.
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February 7th, 7:00pm
What Happens in the Dark written by Kristofer Buxton.

A burglar breaks in to a house and gets more than they bargained for when they get wrapped up in a domestic dispute.
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February 11th, 12:00pm
Rooted by Joy Barber

Set in the 1960s, Hattie Jackson is an African American maid who has worked for the Calhoun family for decades. While enduring multiple forms of adversity, Hattie holds onto a dark secret that could ruin the highly regarded reputation of the Calhoun family name.
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February 11th, 2:00pm
Laura and Ibsen written by Susan Flakes

Inspired by an actual event, Norwegian writer Laura Kieler confronts one of the greatest playwrights of all time, Henrik Ibsen, for stealing her life’s story, and thereby destroying her life.
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Monday, January 22nd, 5:00pm
Accusuckability with Adam Russel Johnson

Adam Russell Johnson aims to inform, educate and entertain. He will instigate conversation around disability in our community. To unmute the 20% of the population that has been silenced—to start talking about disability. Adam Russell Johnson views life with a unique lens and with unique legs. Come join him as he reflects on his life in Boulder Colorado. You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe and hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two!
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Monday, January 29th, 6:00pm
Puppetry: The Magic of Making Materials Come to Life

Sondra Blanchard and Betsy Tobin will present the essentials on the history, manipulation, and styles of puppets.
Participants will practice manipulation, create puppets, and prepare simple scenes to share. For high school students and up.
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Monday, February 5th, 4:00pm
Motus Monologue Workshop: Intro to Letting the Body Speak with Kirsten Wilson

An introductory workshop to the art of autobiographical monologue writing and solo performing. Our bodies are the loci of pain, pleasure, and knowing. They hold the stories of our life, death, love, and loss. They are the generative place from and about which great art is made and healing manifests.
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Additional Information:
Notebooks and pen recommended
Ages 16 and Up

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