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Exhibition Reception: Month of Photography at the Dairy

March 7 | 5pm - 8pm
Free & Open to the public. $5 donation recommended.
[Hand-Rudy] Frédérique Daubal x Vibrant Femmes curated by Kecia Benvenuto
[Polly Addison & MacMillan] First Run Reruns – Photographs from ’90’s TV shows by George Lange
[McMahon] An Act of Selection, co-curated by Kevin Hoth featuring Dan Baumbach, Leslee Broersma, Christopher Carruth, Ali Cowel, Teri Havens, Kevin Hoth, Rebecca Stumpf & Preston Utley

Curatorial statement:
Photography is arguably one of the most accessible art forms – everyone takes photos. Yet it is also one of the most under appreciated art forms. The exhibitions on view bring to light the complexities of photography and tell a story behind, through and in front of the camera. We show you the incredible amount of “filters” photographers use – from socio-economic status to presentation. See behind the scenes of epic 90’s sitcoms and examine unreal photo manipulations. Gain understanding of the artist, the process and the subject. If every photo tells a story, these are the ones worth knowing.


Gallery Hours
Monday – Friday: 10 – 6 or later | Saturday: 12 – 7:30 or later | Sunday: 12 – 5:30 or later
(Gallery hours are subject to change. Galleries remain open each day until the last performance or film ends)

We respectfully suggest a donation of $5 per person when you visit our galleries.

For more information, contact Jessica Kooiman Parker, Curator of Visual Arts , jkparker@thedairy.org , 303-440-7826 x107

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left: Frederique Daubal, middle: George Lange, right top left to bottom: Leslee Broersma, Ali Cowel, Dan Bambauch & Teri Havens