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Exhibition Reception: BVSD Student and Teacher Work

April 25 | 5pm - 8pm
Free & Open to the public. $5 donation recommended.
On view April 25 - May 5
[Hand-Rudy, McMahon, MacMillan] BVSD Student and Teacher work
Exhibiting your work is an essential step in any artists life. The first time you put yourself out there is indeed the most vulnerable. The Dairy supports our young artists by showcasing their work for two weeks. The exhibition also includes work from their inspiring teachers. 

Exhibition Reception: The Unkown Polly Addison

April 26 | 5pm - 7pm
Free & Open to the public. $5 donation recommended.
On view April 18 - June 16

[Polly Addison Gallery] Polly Addison
Polly has a long history within the Boulder art scene and was extremely dedicated to supporting the Dairy in its early years and beyond. Her exhibition in her namesake Polly Addison Gallery is a small selection of paintings, drawings and etchings that she produced in the 1980’s 

Exhibition Reception: Mothers, Fathers, Sons & Daughters

May 10 | 5pm - 8pm
Free & Open to the public. $5 donation recommended.
On view May 10 - June 16

[Polly Addison] Polly Addison 
[Hand-Rudy] Kaitlyn Tucek & Family, Michael Bernhardt & sons
[MacMillan] Michael MacCaffrey
[McMahon] Eriko Tsogo, Paul Flippen, Mark Fitzsimmons, Blanca Guerra-Echeverria & Paul Echeverria
This collection of exhibitions speak to how our parents influence us, how we influence our children and how our children influence all of us. In this life we are not able to choose our parents, nor are we able to choose our offspring. However, the dynamics of these relationships play an integral role in our development and sense of self. 


Gallery Hours
Monday – Friday: 10 – 6 or later | Saturday: 12 – 7:30 or later | Sunday: 12 – 5:30 or later
(Gallery hours are subject to change. Galleries remain open each day until the last performance or film ends)

We respectfully suggest a donation of $5 per person when you visit our galleries.

For more information, contact Jessica Kooiman Parker, Curator of Visual Arts , jkparker@thedairy.org , 303-440-7826 x107

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