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3rd Law Dance/Theater: Lost in Place

As issues of migration, ethnicity, culture and spirituality consume our world, 3rd Law’s upcoming concert, “Lost in Place,” feels especially timely. This evening explores the idea of a ‘sense of place’, particularly the theme of losing a sense of place. The ways people experience such loss of place--by choice, by force, by chance--are myriad. ‘Lost places’ can also be more than just geographic locations. Real or imagined places of the heart, such as childhood or family, also represent lost places, as does death, the journey with the ultimate “one-way ticket.”

3rd Law comments on the rational and affective sides of these sometimes heartbreaking “loss of place” situations as sources both of humor and of reflection. Filled with quirky interludes featuring shoes, suitcases, trunks, typewriters, birdcages, and juggling balls, this theatrical evening takes the audience on a rich and thought-provoking journey.

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