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Luminescence – A One-Of-A-Kind, 21st Century Display
Luminescence is a technologically advanced art installation at The Dairy and an exciting new piece of public art for Boulder. A gift to The Dairy from the Handweavers Guild of Boulder, Luminescence consists of yards and yards of copper and metal strips that have been woven into the arches at our entrance. It also includes thousands of LED lights, 6 computers, cables, new technology, and has involved hundreds of hours to create.
Luminescence is a light show with a cycle of 28 patterns that are never displayed the same way twice. Each light show is about 45 minutes long, before the animated weaving plays again. The light is reflected in different colors from the different metals that have been woven into the arches. The walls of the Dairy reflect the blended color from the arches; if blue and red are on the arches, the wall is purple! The light from the back arch completes the weaving on the front arch from certain angles, especially when viewed from across the street. The parameters can be re-programmed by future creative community members, including school students who will be engaged in working with the technology.
Stop by any evening from 5:00pm to 2:00am and be delighted and mooved.  

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