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Drop City
July 28
Learn about the first rural commune of the 1960s with this true story of whimsical innovation and the drive to create a new civilization on the scrapheap of a wasteful society. Artist and teacher Clark Richert was one of the founding members of Drop City, an artists community located in Trinidad, Colorado that became an icon for a global counter culture. The name Drop City originated not only from the fact that the founding members had “dropped out” of mainstream society, but also because of the geodesic dome structures that dotted the landscape. Drop City’s structures were inspired by the architectural design developed by Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) in the early 20th century. (Joan Grossman, 2012, 0:82, NR) 
Presented in conjunction with BMoCA’s 2019 Summer Exhibition, Clark Richert: Pattern and Dimensions.

Drop City panorama, 1966. Image courtesy of Clark Richert.

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